Personal Trainers Aan de Vliet

A team of certified Personal Trainers is ready for you at Max Health Club Aan de Vliet. They are happy to tell a little more about themselves so we can see if you are a match.

Kim Brand - PLATINUM

Brigitte Lommers - PLATINUM

“I have enjoyed working in the fitness industry for many years, with personal training and nutrition and lifestyle coaching being my passions.”
Many people have questions about
nutrition , training and improving their lifestyle . The combination of nutrition and exercise is the key to success!
Imparting knowledge and discipline, encouraging and motivating combined with the client’s perception of achieving the end result is what I do it for. Therefore, I will gladly take up the challenge with you to achieve your goal!”

Education & Experience:

  • AALO Personal Training
  • AALO Running Trainer
  • AALO Sports Nutrition
  • BGN weight consultant (mindfulness based)
  • Sportfasting
  • CIVAS Mental coach
  • Owner Body Boost personal training
  • Cognitive therapist
  • GRIT Strength instructor
  • Medical fitness trainer
  • Sportfasting coach

Yaenty Heesen - SILVER

“With great pleasure I am self-employed and give personal training and (Small) Group Training at different locations. The progression and the self-confidence that every individual can build through fitness will always be my driving force. It is so incredibly cool to see what your body can do and the impact it has on both mental and physical health!

I like to get the most out of myself and others. Every fitness goal is a new challenge. Do any of these goals connect with you? Muscle growth (hypertrophy), muscle strength, muscular endurance, losing weight and/or gaining weight? Then let’s take up the challenge together! You can leave your contact information below so that together we can create a plan of action to reach your goal! I am already looking forward to it. You too!”

Education & Experience:

  • AALO Fitness 1
  • AALO Fitness 2
  • AALO Fitness 3
  • Owner of YOUR HEALTH Yaenty Heesen – self-employed entrepreneur
  • High Performance Coach (various locations)
  • Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • Personal Trainer (various locations)

Erminio Heesen - BRONS

“For six years I have been involved in fitness. More and more research shows how important strength training is for both physical and mental health. For many, the overload of information in the fitness field makes the step to get started just a little too big. Often the intended results are not achieved due to training intensity and knowledge, among other reasons. I am happy to help equip you with the proper knowledge, technique and benefits of fitness to meet your goal(s).

My heart lies with muscle growth & strength And this is also where I am most concerned. Mentally you can challenge yourself so much in this regard, but of course this can also be done with fitness, (muscular) endurance or losing weight. Should you not be able to do this completely yourself, I will of course be happy to help you with this!

Are you ready to work on being the best version of yourself? Then schedule an appointment so we can discuss your training goals together and get started!”

Education and experience:

  • HALO
  • Sport&People, Fitness Trainer A (i.o.)
  • Self-employed entrepreneur
  • High Performance Coach
  • Judo teacher
  • Gym teacher