Both locations of Max Health Club have in-house physical therapy services. The Klein Zwitserland location has been home to Max Health Care for 12 years. Do you want to be able to move again without pain? Are you experiencing back pain while sleeping and want to remedy it? Or is your knee bothering you while walking and would you like targeted treatment? Physical therapy at Max Health Care is the solution to all your physical complaints.

The passionate team consists of physical therapists with more than 20 years of experience and only one goal: to resolve your symptoms as effectively as possible. Our team is ready to help you. You can make an appointment with one of our physical therapists at any time; you do not need a referral from your doctor for this.

At Max Health Club on the Vliet, a team of specialists is also waiting for you if you are looking for physical therapy. This team also focuses on the client and operates under the name Blessing Hague. This means that the therapists work together and support each other to find a solution to the complaints.

Methods such as dry needling, manual therapy, shockwave techniques are the elements used on a rehabilitation pathway to enter and partly prevent injuries.